We have multiple measurements for this speaker. Click here to see the default one (which is higher quality if we have one measurement better than the others).

What we know about the measurement:

KEF Reference 3 Meta is a passive floorstanders that cost around 13500 USD for a pair.

  • Quality of the measurement data is medium.
  • Origin of the data is KEF.
  • Format of the data is a scanned image .
  • -3dB (resp. -6db) point v.s. reference is at 42.8Hz (resp. 35.3Hz).
  • Reference level is normalised to 0.7dB computed over the frequency range [300.0Hz, 5000.0Hz].
  • Frequency deviation is 1.2dB over the same frequency range.
  • Tonality (Preference) Score
    • Tonality (Preference) Score is 6.78 and would be 8.36 with a perfect subwoofer.
      • Details: NBD: ON 0.282, LW 0.229, SP 0.369, PIR 0.273; SM: SP0.969, PIR0.951; LFQ 1.029, LFX 33Hz
    • Tonality (Preference) Score is 7.22 with an EQ and would be 8.68 with a perfect subwoofer and the same EQ.
      • Details: NBD: ON 0.249, LW 0.182, SP 0.298, PIR 0.206; SM: SP0.975, PIR0.964; LFQ 1.029, LFX 31Hz
  • Note: Data computed by KEF is precise above 300Hz, the on axis is corrected below that. The other curves are interpolated below 300Hz and are not very precise..
Frequency Frequency with EQ
Frequency Frequency with EQ
Frequency Frequency with EQ