What we know about the measurement:

Kali LP-8 is a active bookshelves speaker .

  • Quality of the measurement data is low .
  • Origin of the data is Misc .
  • Format of the data is a scanned image .
  • -3dB (resp. -6db) point v.s. reference is at 202.8Hz (resp. 202.8Hz).
  • Reference level is normalised to 0.8dB computed over the frequency range [300.0Hz, 5000.0Hz].
  • Frequency deviation is 3.2dB over the same frequency range.
  • Tonality (Preference) Score
    • Tonality (Preference) Score is 2.56 and would be 7.5 with a perfect subwoofer.
      • Details: NBD: ON 0.38, LW 0.346, SP 0.426, PIR 0.342; SM: SP0.877, PIR0.772; LFQ 10.0, LFX 202Hz
    • Tonality (Preference) Score is 3.31 with an EQ and would be 8.25 with a perfect subwoofer and the same EQ.
      • Details: NBD: ON 0.312, LW 0.26, SP 0.375, PIR 0.245; SM: SP0.935, PIR0.895; LFQ 10.0, LFX 202Hz
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Frequency Frequency with EQ
Frequency Frequency with EQ
Frequency Frequency with EQ